• Girls – You can have your Make-up Professionally applied at the studio by a  Mary Kay Specialist.  When you make your photo appointment, let us know you’d like your make-up applied and we will allow 20 – 30 minutes additional time at the studio.  Ask for more details when you call.
  • Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.  This will give you time to freshen up, check your outfits, and discuss any special poses or “looks” that you would like me to capture with you. We will spend a few minutes with you to find out exactly what you want, and what you don’t want.         
  • Don’t forget to dab a little cover up makeup on those noticeable blemishes, it will make each portrait look a lot better.         
  • We do recommend that you have your hair done before your session and ready to photograph when you arrive. Have your stylist insure your hair doesn’t cover your eyes.        
  • Girls & Guys – Avoid sunburns.   
  • Girls & Guys – In a portrait, the face should be the focal point.  Long sleeve solids or very subtle prints are usually most flattering.
  • Girls & Guys – Avoid large or bold patterns and bright colors that may tend to draw attention away from the face.
  • GuysHair should be neatly combed in an appropriate style for the clothing. 
  • Avoid getting your hair cut the week before your session. 
  • Make sure that you are clean shaven before your session.  Retouching can hide blemishes but not razor stubble.
  • Clothing- We suggest you bring several outfits to your session, if you are unsure what looks best, we’ll help you decide which is best.  For the formal, we recommend a suit or sport coat.  Make sure that your shirt is pressed to avoid wrinkles. Notify us if you will need to wear a tux for your formal, we have them here. 
  • Make sure the clothes fit!    Casual outfits are best kept to solid colors.