Express: $32
  • Head & shoulders formal only Drape/Tux
  • 8 – 10 images
  • 10 minutes time

*You will view the images on the back of the Camera after the session and make your yearbook and order selection at that time. Saves you an extra trip into the studio.

Basic: $38
  • Head & shoulders formal w/Drape/Tux
  • Plus 1 other top/shirt for an additional 5 – 6 poses.
  • 20 minutes time
Contemporary: $50
  • 2 – 3 outfits approx. 22 images
  • *incl the Drape/Tux
  • 40 minutes time
  • Bring in your own props to make the session more personal
Senior: $78
  • 4 – 5 outfits approx 45 images
  • *incl the Drape/Tux
  • 70 minutes time
  • Bring in your props, your friends, pets, hobbies.
  • Includes some outdoor images (weather permitting)

Minimum purchase for this session (which includes at least 3 poses)- $275

Outdoor Senior: $99
  • 3 – 5 outfits approx.50 images
  • *incl the Drape/Tux
  • 100 minutes time
  • Same as the Senior but you can bring your car, truck,or bike. We meet at the studio and go to one of the local parks,then finish off your session with the formals and other casuals at the studio.

Minimum purchase for this session (which includes at least 3 poses)- $350

Note:  For the  Contemporary, Senior, & Outdoor Senior sessions you are encouraged to bring in your props, hobbies, friends, and pets to personalize your session and your images.  This is “your time”, and we want you to be satisfied with your session and your style.

Personalities: $22
  • This add-on session consists of 1 outfit that you can “be yourself”.  This will give you approximately 12 additional poses that are used for the  FACES or PERSONALITIES COLLAGE. It will add 15 minutes more to your session.
Urban Look: $22
  • This add-on session will be a walk around the Village using the buildings and views giving you that special  ”Attitude Look”.  This will add approximately 30 minutes to your session with approximately 12 additional poses.