Bring It!

First, expect to have a great time! It’s OK to be a little nervous at first, but you’ll soon relax with Mike’s friendly manner and super creative photography. We understand that some people really don’t like to have their “picture” taken, but our past clients tell us after the session: “I really had fun” and “Is it over already?”  We’ll take the edge off your anxiety!

    • Show us who you really are!  Bring your hobby items – even if you just like to sit down and read tons of magazines, or books like the Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games series-
    • Girls-bring your prom dress, sun dress, designer shoes and boots, and your every day wear.
  • BRING IT! Guys
    • one nice outfit, and then your every day wear as well.
  • Girls & Guys -  BRING IT!
    • Bring all your sports stuff – if you’re in football and hockey, see if you can get all the pads and stuff. Rugby, lacrosse and skiers – bring what you need to personalize the image.  Musical instruments can be carried into the studio. Artist’s, bring in some of your artwork to be placed into your portrait.
  • Dancers bring in you outfits that you really like and also your awards.  Cheerleaders, bring in your pom-poms and other props that you use.
    • Bring your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend.  We love to capture who you really are at this time in your life and your friends are a huge part of it!
    • Bring your favorite music on CD’s, Mike has a sound system in the studio and he likes all kinds of music.