Lighting Part 1

Kenwood Photography has been known for capturing the personality of it’s subjects using a “soft” light which really is a big “soft box”.  That style produced soft transitions between the shadows and highlights of the face, but it seems that this coming generation likes the “edgier” style of lighting versus the softer lighting in the past.  That’s why this year with the variety of photographic seminars and schools that I’ve attended, I will be going back to my “parabolic” or slightly contrasty way of lighting that I was brought up on in this business.  This style is good for single and groups of up to 5 people to really show and utilize this type of lighting.  I believe this year’s seniors will see a difference compared to previous year’s photography, besides the new sets and backgrounds that we will be using, makes me really excited to see their expressions when they view their images.  “Broadway Lighting” = making stars for stage and screen.  Lots of new things this year…more on lighting at another time.  Have a great day.